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Case Study - PBT Sports Bag September 03 2015

PBT Sports bag with Cooler Cab 
Client Company Name
Peter Baker Transport

Primary Objective of the overall program 
A unique vessel to host a 3 tier gift program to their clients with Tier 1-3 being separated by goods within the vessel . The vessel needed to be unique with maximum impact in an over gifted industry and also industry specific.

Primary objective of the Promotional Product 
The Client was left with the dilemma of having 3 levels of customer with 3 levels of spend and wanted the gift to represent the level of business transacted with their company over the year. Breaking the purchase down to less than 200 units each tier would cancel out any custom , unique product due to MOQ requirements offshore.

With this brief we came away with the idea of a generic vessel that could hold dry goods and wet goods to give the rep flexibility to scale the gift relevant to spend. This also allowed the rep to fill up with goods for one person or a whole office using exactly the same vessel. Versatility was the key and success to this product.

Once initial concepts were conceived we worked hard with the experienced design team to come up with several design options in size versus price . From conception to land - product was delivered within nine weeks, one week ahead of schedule to a very satisfied client.

Chosen Concept


Product Spotlight September 03 2015

Just launched!

A new premium range that will make great corporate gifts for staff and clients.

Solar Sunflower 2500mAh Charger


Sunflower brings solar energy to any home or office with a smile! Its powerful 2500mAh rechargeable lithium battery will charge a smart phone and other small electronic devices. Sunflower is a unique, thought-provoking gift that will attract attention and is beautifully presented in a printed gift box. A micro USB cable is included and Apple connecters are available for an additional cost.

Branding Available;
Pad Print: 40mm x 25mm

5 units

Please enquire with for pricing details

James Cocktail Set

A stunning cocktail shaker complete with a wooden muddler and stirrer all nicely presented in a printed gift box. James features a unique measuring cap that will also filter the finished cocktail into a glass.



Branding Available;
Laser Engraving 30mm x 30mm

10 units

Please enquire with for pricing details


Saturn Tool Set

A smart compact tool set which is nicely presented in a printed gift box. Saturn features high quality tools which will give many years of excellent service.

Branding Available;
Pad Print 60mm x 50mm

10 units

Please enquire with for pricing details

Whats on the Box September 03 2015

From our U.S. friends - A few interesting statistics about how consumers love promotional products!

Branding Options September 02 2015

Pad Print

Pad printing uses a silicone pad to transfer an image to a product from a laser etched printing plate. Pad printing is one of the most practical and popular ways of branding promotional products due to its ability to reproduce images on uneven or curved surfaces and print multiple colours in a single pass. Close PMS matches can be achieved on white surfaces but as the colour of the product gets darker the ability to match PMS colours diminishes.

Screen Print

Screen printing involves forcing ink through a mesh screen with a squeegee onto the product or substrate and is excellent for large print areas on flat or cylindrical objects. Close PMS matches can be achieved on white surfaces but as the colour of the product gets darker the ability to match PMS colours diminishes. Screen printing is best suited for spot colour reproduction and is not recommended for logos with half tones in them.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving gives a permanent finish and creates a higher perceived value than direct printing. It is ideal for metal and glass items and because it is a digital process can be used for personalising products with individual names. Different materials produce different effects when engraved and if you are uncertain about the engraved finish please ask for a pre production sample.

Resin Coated Finish

Resin coating an image produces a stunning 3 dimensional effect and elevates the perceived value of any product. Vinyl labels are resin coated which produces a very durable weather proof label that is almost indestructible. Resin labels can be printed in full colour and used very effectively to brand a large variety of products. As they are digitally printed, only approximate PMS colour matches are possible.

Full Colour Label

Full colour labels are used for products with substrates that are difficult to print successfully with any other method. Full colour labels are either printed with a digital inkjet printer if they are vinyl or a digital printing press for paper labels. Only approximate PMS colour matches are possible with digital printing.

Full Colour Heat Transfer

There are several methods of producing heat transfers. They can be printed and cut to shape on a digital inkjet printer. The disadvantage of this method is that the transfer can look like a label when heat pressed onto the product. Other methods are screen print, offset or full colour digital printing onto a release media. These methods give a finished print very similar to direct printing but the image is often much sharper and can reproduce finer detail. Heat transfers are commonly used to brand textile surfaces and bags. They are heat pressed onto the product and produce a permanent bond. Only approximate PMS colour matches are possible with digital printing.


Sublimation is achieved by heat transferring a digitally printed full colour image from a paper transfer to the product. This process can reproduce stunning, vivid, full colour graphics but there is limited control over the colour outcomes which makes reproducing PMS colours very difficult and in some cases impossible. Only certain surfaces and materials can be branded with sublimation printing.

Digital Media

This production method is used for printing media such as paper, vinyl and magnetic material used in the manufacture of labels, badges and fridge magnets etc. Both digital inkjet and digital printing presses are used in the production of digital media. It is difficult to reproduce PMS colour matches with digital printing.

Direct Digital

Direct to product digital printing involves the transfer of ink directly from the print head of a special inkjet machine to the product and can be used to produce full colour printing on flat or slightly curved surfaces. It is difficult to reproduce PMS colour matches and some colours including metallic gold and silver are not possible to achieve. One big advantage of direct digital is that these machines can print a layer of white ink under the copy making them ideal for branding dark coloured products.

Kiln Fired Decal

Kiln fired decals are transfers printed with a ceramic ink that are applied to coffee mugs and glassware which are then fired at high temperatures in a kiln. The advantage of kiln fired decals is that the print becomes part of the surface and is permanent. They are also good for decorating mug handles and the inside lip as well as producing larger print areas on irregular shaped mugs or glasses. It is possible to obtain approximate PMS colour matches.