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Case Study - PBT Sports Bag September 03 2015

PBT Sports bag with Cooler Cab 
Client Company Name
Peter Baker Transport

Primary Objective of the overall program 
A unique vessel to host a 3 tier gift program to their clients with Tier 1-3 being separated by goods within the vessel . The vessel needed to be unique with maximum impact in an over gifted industry and also industry specific.

Primary objective of the Promotional Product 
The Client was left with the dilemma of having 3 levels of customer with 3 levels of spend and wanted the gift to represent the level of business transacted with their company over the year. Breaking the purchase down to less than 200 units each tier would cancel out any custom , unique product due to MOQ requirements offshore.

With this brief we came away with the idea of a generic vessel that could hold dry goods and wet goods to give the rep flexibility to scale the gift relevant to spend. This also allowed the rep to fill up with goods for one person or a whole office using exactly the same vessel. Versatility was the key and success to this product.

Once initial concepts were conceived we worked hard with the experienced design team to come up with several design options in size versus price . From conception to land - product was delivered within nine weeks, one week ahead of schedule to a very satisfied client.

Chosen Concept