Promotion has become much more than putting your brand on a product.  At Brand Addiction we have our minds on our clients brands, and think achieving growth and strength for them is a successful promotion. 

With a creative team Brand Addiction takes on any challenge be it custom branding, a fully integrated product campaign, or a complete custom made item specific to any requirement.

Based right here in New Zealand with our wholesaler sourcing from all around the world, it’s important to us that we deliver sustainable solutions for any promotional requirement, keeping New Zealand in mind.

We constantly set ourselves new goals and want to remain

  • More creative than any other promotional business
  • Deliver the best online product management sites for our clients
  • Offer all our customers a service over and above just supplying promotional merchandise
  • Bring customers the best, most cost effective solution
  • Over promise and over deliver.



Here at Brand Addiciton, we are proud to support;